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Planning your outdoor project

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We are here to help ensure your project is a success, so we would like to offer some tips to keep everything on track and on budget!

Finding the right team:

The right building contractor is the most important step to a successful project! With the guidance of your contractor, they can help you in determining exactly what type of deck you want and help you choose materials.

>>They should also be familiar with the code and bylaws of your area. We want your planning and decision-making to be easy, so while you don’t need to have every detail nailed down before you meet with them, the process will go much more smoothly if you have considered these factors:

1. What type of deck maintenance you would prefer

2. What is your budget is

3. How large you would like your deck, garage or other project details

4. Your area, the weather, and other factors (insects, mice, etc)

5. How it will be used, and by whom

6. How long do you plan on living in your house

7. Availability and material preference including color matching, colors, and other options

8. Permits and other requirements for your project


If you want to keep maintenance to a minimum, we recommend Timbertech composite decking, glass or metal railings, and concrete paving stones. Either is a huge improvement on the composite decking materials of decades past, both in beauty and durability.

With a little more work and a little less money, consider choosing pressure-treated wood and staining it for added protection and color matching. If you want something in the middle, you might like the combination of wood decking and a low-maintenance railing.

>> Keep in mind the weather conditions of your area when selecting the materials, it will lend to how much maintenance you may require.

How big?

When considering the size of the deck, not only should you keep in mind the maximum allowable size, but the resale, how the deck will be used, and the maintenance.

For garages and outdoor storage, restrictions may be set by your local municipality, so it's important that you are aware of the guidelines of your area.

Either way, consider not just how you may use your yard space not, but how you may want to use it in the future, ie: if you get a dog, you may find grass space is important.


One of the most important aspects of planning your outdoor project is usability. Will you need stairs from one deck level to another or would you prefer single-level access? How do you want the flow of your stairs or path from your home to your garage? Where should the access points be? Considering the flow of your yard will save you hours of hassle later. We are happy to work with you on these ideas and help you plan the most logical design for your outdoor projects.

Does your backyard get a lot of sunshine? Do you need some shady areas to make the yard more enjoyable? Do you need added privacy from close neighbors?

Do you have multiple vehicles or a large truck? Will you require a deeper garage or wider garage? Do you want extra height or a sunken garage to not obstruct your views.

Would a multi-level deck work best to keep spaces separated? Do you want glass railings to enjoy the view?


Now that you have some of your basics planned out, knowing your budget is there specialty things you would like to add?

Would you like lighting on your deck and decorations in the design of the boards? Do you need a gas line for your BBQ?

Does your garage need gas, power, or utilities sent to it?

Would you like a decorative roof, added windows, or added lighting?

Our goal is to keep you on budget, within your local municipal requirements, and most importantly safe for your family.

We would love to show you the many options you have for designing and functional, and usable outdoor space fully designed for your enjoyment!

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