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Why we use TimberTech Composite Decking

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At TimberTech®, we believe in creating deck boards and other outdoor living products that mimic the natural look of real wood but without all the pitfalls. As our name implies, we use technology to engineer environmentally-friendly, long-lasting, and aesthetically-pleasing decking products. Our goal: to help you build ideal outdoor living spaces for your home by producing the most realistic and durable PVC and composite decking materials on the market.

We don’t settle for good enough, and we believe you should never have to settle for just another deck. So, let’s get to the good stuff ― here’s what our advanced technology means for you.

Natural-Looking Designs

The tech behind TimberTech means you won’t have to sacrifice beauty when you go with our PVC or composite materials. Our proprietary color-cascading technology delivers the most realistic wood look with natural color blending. There are so many subtle nuances to TimberTech Decking thanks to a wide range of multi-tonal options and wood grain patterns. The good news? You don’t have to choose just one

Durable, Long-Lasting Materials

With TimberTech, you get the full aesthetic experience of wood without the laborious, costly, and constant upkeep required of lumber. Our one-of-a-kind capped polymer material and protective cap technology offer unbeatable protection from the elements to safeguard your deck boards from mold, mildew, and moisture damage. Enjoy lasting, beautiful decking, all backed by industry-leading warranties.

Livable Decking Products

With TimberTech decks, you won’t have to worry about the little ones scratching up your deck or the elements fading away the color. We offer a variety of boards with our Alloy Armour Technology® engineered to resist stains, scratches and fading. And, our TimberTech AZEK® boards stay up to 30 degrees cooler* than competitive composite products – so go ahead, kick off your shoes and enjoy your deck to the fullest.

Easy Installation

From color-matched fasteners to hidden stainless steel clips, TimberTech offers a wide variety of fastening systems that secure your deck so you enjoy thoughtful attention to safety and style for years to come. And, our TimberTech AZEK boards are 30 percent lighter than the competition’s composite decking, which lightens the load on your back and your wallet.

Sustainable Outdoor Living Space

At TimberTech, we are sustainable to the core – literally. Our capped composite decking boards use up to 80% recycled material, while our capped polymer boards use up to 54% recycled PVC – with most materials falling into the hard-to-recycle category. In 2021, we diverted roughly 500 million pounds of waste and scrap from ending up in landfills. And, thanks to homeowners choosing our boards over wood, we have saved more than 1 million trees since 2015. Some folks call it sustainability. We call it doing the right thing.

Timbetech Benefits:

Subtle Intricacy of Wood – Wood grains and intricate color blending resemble the grain patterns and earthy hues that naturally occur in a variety of hardwoods.

Alloy Armour Technology® – Proprietary, high-performance technology in the 100% polymer cap (AKA no wood particles for moisture to latch on to and deteriorate) offers the most powerful protection from fading and weathering.

Versatile Design Options – TimberTech AZEK was the first to have Multi-Width Decking options. These boards are available in narrow (3.25″), standard (5.5″), and wide (7.25″) widths so you can create a unique space with custom designs and intricate inlays.

Decks Guaranteed to Last – We stand behind our technology with half a century worth of coverage. TimberTech AZEK boards are backed by the industry’s best Lifetime Product Warranty and our 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty.

Superior Surface Protection – Our Alloy Armour Technology protects your boards from weather, UV damage, and scratches. TimberTech AZEK boards are so protected, the material can even repel stains and reduce heat.

Livable Decking – These decks are made for foot traffic. TimberTech AZEK boards stay 30% cooler to the touch than other composite products. Our boards are also up to 40% more slip-resistant than many competitive composite products.

Enviable Beauty – Our superior technology delivers unparallel design versatility, while a wire-brushed, low-gloss finish adds authenticity for an elegantly timeless look.

Reduced Fire Risk – TimberTech AZEK decking in the Vintage Collection® has achieved a Class “A” Flame Spread rating* and is approved for use in WUI zones, reducing the risk of spreading fires in communities susceptible to drought.

Images are our own work:

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